plaatje koppelpoort In the spring of 2006 shanty choir Westenwind (West wind) was founded.
There was a lot of interest from men who enjoyed singing about the sea and the old-time windjammers.
A source of energy, inspiration and appeal for chaps who like adventure and comradeship.
Shanties were clearly in demand for their generally easy to learn melodies and their often beautiful and appealing lyrics.
Thanks to a professional leadership the choir acquired a high musical level within a reasonably short time, so that the making of a cd became possible.
Naturally the choir will continue to strive for musically outstanding achievements.
It takes part in shanty festivals and is asked to perform on many occasions in and around Amersfoort, namely in homes of the aged and such, to which invitations it gladly complies.
The members also enjoy the rehearsals in "Amersfortia" every Wednesday night, hopefully continuing to impress on its listeners the shanties' power and attraction.

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